Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I shoot children too!

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting two year old Maddie and Her mom Holly.

Holly who is expecting a new baby soon wanted a few belly photos taken with Madelyn and a few of of Maddie alone. It was quite a funny shoot with me trying to keep up with a two year old!

At one point Maddie had had enough and I could tell the shoot was over if I didn't come up with something to get her attention back and make things fun again soooo I said " Mad your mom has a hole in her tummy! Stick your finger in there and see if you can touch your new baby!" Maddie thought this was funny and proceeded to stick her pointy little finger in Holly's belly button. (sorry Holly but I had to do something!) Mad was quite amused and she had us laughing too. this is the photo from that moment. I love it! She continued to let me photograph her just long enough to finish the shoot and get some really sweet photos.

The ones near the beach were taken at Bushwood Wharf in St. Mary's County MD.

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