Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boudoir Pin-up style in maryland!

These are a few photos from recent shoots. They have that old fashion pinup Look that is so popular in boudoir photography these days. If you are interested in the retro pinup style give me a call! Both girls got their makeup from Mac located in the Waldorf mall.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off camera lighting...

I recently covered the first annual Outlaw Rockfish fishing tournament in St. Mary's county. Started by my brother Kevin Poole. The award ceremony/party was on Sunday and I decided to try out some new lighting techniques and shoot a few photos of the happy drunk people :). The lighting was amazing! I often use this lighting during portrait sessions outside.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Boudoir Lingerie For the Larger Girls...

I recently found a site that sells lingerie for those girls that are a little bit bigger than your average american stick. :) Check the site out their stuff is really beautiful!

Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Maryland, DC or Virgina Area?

I cover weddings in all of these areas so don't hesitate to contact me and ask questions. I would love to here from you! It's always fun and exciting to shoot in different locations and venues and meet new people!

New Southern Maryland Boudoir Site up and Running girls...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My boudoir site is down gerrrrr....

To anyone who has attempted to log onto the boudoir site over the past few days my apologies. My web site host has dropped the ball and their customer service is only by email. No phone support! I am currently working on getting the site back up and then I'm switching servers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny baby photo..

While I was going through my files, attempting to get them organized, I came across this photo. It still makes me laugh he looks like such a little man and he is only a few days old! Just thought I would share it with you all. It is still one of my favorite baby photos ever. Maryland wedding phtographer

Monday, May 4, 2009

Emily's senior photo shoot...

While I do a lot of wedding and boudoir photography they are not the only things I shoot. Last week Emily came to see me and she wanted something different. So, we put her in her prom gown and went exploring around my back yard and neighborhood. These are just a few of her photos and all I can say is WOW She looks beautiful! I hope I captured that fairytail look she was after. I'll be blogging more of her photos soon. Thanks Em I had a great time with you and your mom. You will definitely have to come hang at my house with Madison. You two are exactly the same! Maryland wedding photographer

St. Mary's County Camera Club

For those of you who are photography enthusiast there is a local camera club you can join. The web address is

I am a past member but have been thinking about stopping in and seeing every one again. It's been way too long since I've visited! maryland wedding photographer

Bridal Boudoir in Maryland Ooo La La!


Lots of women are giving gifts of boudoir photos to their man on their wedding day. I don't believe there is a man on this earth that wouldn't want to receive intimate photos of the woman he loves! You can be photographed showing as much or as little as you like, in your home, in my studio, at a local hotel or bed and breakfast, depending on the look you want to achieve.

If it is something you have been thinking about, but have questions or concerns drop me a line and lets chat. I can use photoshop to smooth your skin, hide scars and some imperfections.
You can include a bridal boudoir session in your wedding package or it may be something you want to do with your brides maids instead of the traditional bachelorette party. Bring a bottle of wine, turn up the music and have fun!

Southern Maryland wedding photographer serving Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Vintage lingerie and corsets... Love them!

While I was poking around on the web today I came across this amazing vintage lingerie site!

The line by Maya Hansen really caught my eye! You girls should check the site out, buy your outfit, then come to me for pictures!!




mh_blue_helena_del_3_small2 maryland wedding and boudoir photographer

Bright colorful lingerie for boudoir shoots!

I want to share some recent boudoir photos with you. I love the lingerie she picked out! It is such a nice change from the traditional white, black and red you usually see.
I believe this set came from Victoria's secret. Frederick's of Hollywood is another less expensive place to shop for your outfits.




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Annapolis area boudoir clients.

I'm really happy that I've gotten to shoot quite a few of you girls from the Annapolis area! I have no idea how you found me but I'm truly happy you did! I lived in the area when I was first married and loved it there.
So if any one else in Annapolis is looking for a boudoir photographer I'm your girl, go check out the site, look at my work and send me an email already! Lets get your sexy session going! :) dsc_0688
~Robin~ for more information
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Are you insecure about your body??

I saw the following post on The Umber Journal. And I thought it was something all women should think about.

Umber said how she would give anything to be 21 again for a day and know what she knows now. She wished she would have realized how great she looked at that age and not let her insecurities effect her because she would never be that young again or have that pre baby body back. She was disappointed that she had no photos to commemorate the beauty of her youth and it was gone now forever. She should have enjoyed it more instead of thinking she wasn't quite good enough.
Boy did that hit home for me! I'm sure a lot of you can relate.
Then she went on to say...
So now I’m … a little older than 21… and I still feel that same insecurity. It occurs to me that I’m never going to be this young again, either so, I might as well appreciate my beauty now for what it is worth or I’ll likely look back and regret the time wasted in insecurity again. I'll never look as good as I do right now ever again.
She is absolutely right!
These are great reasons to have boudoir photos done. You are beautiful and you are never going to be this young again. Enjoy your body, celebrate it, be proud!