Monday, May 4, 2009

Are you insecure about your body??

I saw the following post on The Umber Journal. And I thought it was something all women should think about.

Umber said how she would give anything to be 21 again for a day and know what she knows now. She wished she would have realized how great she looked at that age and not let her insecurities effect her because she would never be that young again or have that pre baby body back. She was disappointed that she had no photos to commemorate the beauty of her youth and it was gone now forever. She should have enjoyed it more instead of thinking she wasn't quite good enough.
Boy did that hit home for me! I'm sure a lot of you can relate.
Then she went on to say...
So now I’m … a little older than 21… and I still feel that same insecurity. It occurs to me that I’m never going to be this young again, either so, I might as well appreciate my beauty now for what it is worth or I’ll likely look back and regret the time wasted in insecurity again. I'll never look as good as I do right now ever again.
She is absolutely right!
These are great reasons to have boudoir photos done. You are beautiful and you are never going to be this young again. Enjoy your body, celebrate it, be proud!

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